Chelsio 2-port Low Profile 10-25GbE Server Offload Adapter with PCI-E x8 Gen 3, Server Offload. SFP28 connector


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      Chelsio's T6225-SO-CR is a dual port 1/10/25Gb Ethernet Server offload Adapter, with a PCI Express 3.0 x8 host bus interface, optimized for storage, cloud computing, HPC, virtualization and other datacenter networking applications.

      T6225-SO-CR runs all the host software of its predecessor, T5, as-is, thus enabling leveraging of all the prior software investment. It offers all the features of T5, and in addition adds support for integrated offload of IPsec, TLS/SSL, DTLS and SMB 3.X crypto.

      This adapter, based on the sixth-generation (T6), memory free technology from Chelsio, provides the highest performance and efficiency, dramatically lowers host-system CPU communications overhead and frees up host CPU cycles for useful applications. As a result, the system benefits from higher bandwidth, lower latency and reduced power consumption.

      Chelsio memory free variant of the adapters doesn't have any external memory on adapter and can offload a limited number of TOE, iSCSI and iWARP connections. Once offloaded connections limit is reached, the adapter falls back to host compute cycles without disturbing the network traffic. All other features and functionalities are supported transparently by T6225-SO-CR, similar to adapters with external memory on them. All variants of Chelsio adapters leverage single software stack (drivers/firmware/management tools) and support all protocols concurrently.

      A large portion of offloads enabled by T6225-SO-CR are based on standard TCP, IP, UDP protocols (such as iSCSI and iWARP), and thus can operate with a software peer, or be replaced with a software solution at lower performance, thus providing the requisite reliability for enterprise customers, and allowing incremental installs in the datacenter. It will work with any legacy switch infrastructure and does not rely on new features such as DCB, PFC, ETS, etc.

      • Power and OpenPOWER Servers
      • Software Compatible with T4 and T5
      • Supports x86, Armv8 (Aarch64), IBM
      • IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol
      • Traffic filtering & management
      • HW based firewall and NAT offload
      • Integrated media streaming offload
      • EVB, Flex10, VNTag
      • PCI-SIG SR-IOV
      • DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit)
      • crypto offload
      • OVS Offload with OpenFlow support
      • Full TLS/SSL, DTLS, IPsec and SMB 3.X
      • Full iWARP RDMA offload
      • Full iSCSI, FCoE offload
      • Full NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) offload
      • Full TCP and UDP offload
      • 4K concurrent offloaded conn. capacity
      • PCI Express Gen3 x8
      • Low latency user-space I/O
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