Axiom EV200 480 GB Solid State Drive - 2.5" Internal - SATA (SATA-600)


  • Product Description

      Optimized for latency-sensitive applications and mixed-use workloads the EV200 hot-swap solid state drive (SSD) utilizes V-NAND technology to deliver exceptional around the clock performance for growing data center demands. The SATA interface enables storage capacity to expand while utilizing the existing IT infrastructure - achieving the optimum price/performance for converged and virtualized architectures.

      For use in data centers supporting enterprises that require 24/7 accessibility to cloud services and applications. Designed for read-intensive application workloads where high performance, reliable throughput, data integrity and data loss protection is at the forefront.

      Product Spotlight:

    • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)
    • Proven quality and reliability
    • Optimized for data center applications
    • Enhanced enterprise endurance with 1.4 Drive Writes Per Day (DWPD)
    • Sustained Read/Write IOPS up to 99K/18K
    • Product Features:

    • Built with 3-bit MLC V-NAND Flash technology
    • Strong IOPS consistency - low I/O latency and high I/O throughput performance
    • Enterprise-grade power-loss protection and power failure protection
    • Temperature sensor and monitoring
    • Low power consumption
    • Enhanced end-to-end data protection
    • Innovative flash endurance and data integrity protection via 32-cell vertical NAND architecture
    • Specialized for the following workloads:

    • Demanding Quality of Service (QoS), latency-sensitive applications and databases
    • IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS Infrastructure
    • NoSQL performance acceleration
    • DBaas, MySQL, PostgreSQL transaction processing
    • OpenStack cloud computing platforms
    • Software-defined storage upgrades
    • E-Commerce, micropayments
      • With a capacity of 480 GB, you have large storage space for all your documents and data
      • The high-read speed of 525 MB/s maximizes system performance and saves time while you are doing complex tasks
      • With the high-write speed of 460 MB/s, get a quick response when updating or transferring files
      • Have data stored faster with SATA/600 interface that optimizes burst performance
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